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Remember that you must respond immediately to any injuries.  You should also protect your property from further damage by making emergency repairs. Then call Hillcrest Agency after you take care of any emergency.  

One of the primary benefits of insuring through an Independent Agency is the help we give you after a claim.  That is why we ask that you call us First, before the insurance company, so we can talk about your coverage.

Normally, we contact the insurance company claims department for you to report the claim.  Then a company adjuster will contact you directly.  During the claim process, we are always available for discussion or coordination.  Let us help if you are concerned.

Need Clean-Up Services or an Auto Repair Shop?

Our staff works closely with independent professionals who assist with claims. We can recommend adjusters, remediation contractors and auto repair shops you can trust. While the insurance company may suggest a contractor, you have the ability, as the Insured, to choose the contractor that you trust.

Important Claim Guidelines

Property Loss

Damage to buildings or contents should be left for the adjuster to see. If you must clean up or move anything, take pictures if possible. Protecting property from further damage is also important. Water damage in particular should be addressed quickly to prevent mold. Hillcrest can recommend contractors that specialize in clean-up and restoration.

Automobile Claims

If you are involved in an auto accident, try not to move the vehicles until the police arrive, and establish the accident details. Take pictures if you are able. Obtaining insurance, license and contact information of the other parties involved is recommended.  Be aware of any statements made to the police by others.

Liability Claims

Let us know about any incidents that have occurred involving Bodily Injury or Property Damage. Coverage discussions and prompt reporting is important for Liability claims.

Workers Compensation

Injured workers should be treated immediately. Make sure that employees understand in advance that injuries occurring on the job are to be reported right away. Delays in reporting injuries may result in additional treatment, liabilities and claims.

Let's Save You Time

Hillcrest agents streamline the paperwork, provide fast turnaround for service requests and coordinate claims so our clients can spend time growing their business.

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